If you have been shopping our game cameras for sale, you know shopping for a trail camera the first time can be overwhelming. This Trail Camera Buyers Guide gives you the basics of what game cameras do and how they do it.

Which Trail Camera to Buy? 
After reading this, take the 2 minute to find the right trail camera.

How Do Trail Cameras Work?

Detection Circuit: How well does a game camera detect activity?
Side motion sensors used for pre-booting the camera when motion detected
Batteries: How long is the battery life?
Batteries in Agitato camera is up to 6 Months lifetime in Standby, varies from the picture numbers and video length taken
Infrared Emitters: Is it red glow infrared flash or is it an undetectable "No Glow" version?. How bright are the night pictures?
Agitato have two version: no glow and low glow trail cameras. Night pictures are enough bright to view.
Picture Quality: View sample photos from all the popular camera traps.
Setup & Viewing Screen: How easy is the camera to program and does it have an internal viewing screen.

Trail Camera Picture Quality
Don't be fooled by high megapixel counts. Companies will trick you by advertising a camera with a high mpxl. In reality, they use a low-quality lens which reduces the quality of the picture. Read the Top 5 Most Common Trail Camera Myths for more on megapixel ratings.

The best way to judge the picture quality from a camera is to look at the sample photos from our game camera reviews. We judge day pictures by their clarity, color, contrast, and resolution.