Using a Security Trail Camera to Catch Vandals
police arrestTrail cameras for security come in many configurations with a variety of programming options. Most models are capable of taking both still photos and video. Many capture audio to accompany the video. Some stealth security cameras are capable of capturing photos in complete darkness with no visible flash.Trespassers, burglars, and vandals seem to be multiplying at an unbelievable rate. Luckily, catching a criminal has never been easier with the help of trail cameras for security surveillance.

There are also license plate trail cameras specifically optimized to capture plate numbers of moving vehicles in low light. However, some of the most popular units are trail cameras that send pictures to your phone. These security game cameras will also transmit an image via text or email and can be found under Cellular Security Cameras.

1. Identify the Problem

If you have a trespasser problem, the easiest fix is to use No Flash Infrared Trail Cameras.

With a no glow security camera, the LED's in the infrared flash are completely invisible. Trespassers will be unaware of the camera's location or existence.

Also, never mount a game camera for security within easy line of sight if you know you have trespassers on your property.  Consider mounting the camera high on a tree or camouflage the camera in a way that it is not easily seen.

For thieves or vandals in a residential, urban or commercial environment; you will need to think outside the box. Mounting the camera from high on a roof, telephone pole or even something like a bird feeder will keep the camera from being readily spotted.

2.  Purchase the Correct Security Camera

If you have a trespasser problem, there are two categories of trail cameras that excel in security surveillance.

Which of the trail cameras for security is best?  Well, that simply depends on your application. If you can easily reach the camera to change SD cards then having a basic no glow camera will do everything you need.

3. Security Camera Setup

By now, the hard work has already been completed. You simply need to set your plans in motion.

After testing the camera at home, place the camera in your selected setup area. Always make sure you have the time stamp option turned to "on." This will let you know exactly when the criminal was there.

Photos from a trail camera can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation.

If you have additional questions about using a game camera for security, feel free to Contact Us.